My Story

I combine artmaking with a full-time job in IT.


My drawings, sketches, and paintings find inspiration in the grace and beauty of the human form.


I have come to think of pictures as objects as well as illusions.

I want the surface to be rich and variegated and the paint to have a double existance by both portraying something and being nothing more than itself.


I find the process of working step by step feeds my imagination.


I work simultaneously on several paintings, moving to whichever provides me inspiration to avoid forcing any one particular work. 

I am

Robert Jacobs

Living beach-side in California, the ocean and lifestyle has inspired me to paint the men and women who chase the waves.

I attempt to portray the sea and surfing through their sheer physicality and seek to negotiate an aesthetic of human form that is both athletic and idealistic.

Recent Works

My most recent inspiration comes from images of surfers carrying their surfboards overhead on the beach, which resemble the poses of Caryatids.


+ 1  (805) 585.8693


Bell Arts Factory
432 N Ventura Ave
Studio 37
Ventura, CA 93001