Robert Jacobs

Painter of the Modern Venus

In my art, I navigate the challenge of blending athleticism with feminine allure, drawing from ancient goddesses to portray women who embody both strength and beauty. This balance of power and femininity challenges traditional views, inviting a deeper appreciation of the female form’s complexity.


My work celebrates this duality, capturing the essence of modern Venuses in harmony with the ocean’s majesty, and offers a fresh perspective on femininity through the lens of classical and contemporary motifs.

Layback Cutback

Untitled: CarYatid

Recent Works

My most recent inspiration comes from images of surfers carrying their surfboards overhead on the beach, which resemble the poses of Caryatids.

Untitled: Caryatid

Who am I?

I combine artmaking with a full-time job in IT.


My drawings, sketches, and paintings find inspiration in the grace and beauty of the human form.


The drawings and sketches employ charcoal, graphite, and pastel.


The paintings are based on my drawings and engage the techniques and materials of oil painting to reinvent the image.

“In addition to the strong dynamism of their body’s movement, I am drawn to the abstraction created by the placement of figures against the waves within the picture plane. This brings about a conflict, which I continue to work through by breaking up the space and permitting abstract shapes to become part of the piece.”

My Style

Early in my career, I studied the materials and techniques of the old masters and experimented on a regular basis. Over the years I seem to have found a style that works for me.  In the last year my work has developed a strong continuity, both in my paintings and drawings.  My style has not changed a lot during that time, only matured in the same technique.

Pushing Out

Toes on the Nose (Josie Prendergast)


Sun-kissed (Detail)


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